The silly unintended consequences of mandatory helmet laws

A bit off-topic from our snow focused posts lately, but let’s talk about something that comes up constantly and will be a subject as soon as snow melts.  HELMETS.  Kids on bikes under 17 are required by law to wear helmets.  In some states adults on bikes are required to wear helmets.  What do you think?  Should motorists be required to wear helmets?

Check it out.

“It is becoming abundantly clear there is far more safety in numbers than Styrofoam. Studies report that doubling the number of cyclists results in a one-third reduction in the number of car-bike collisions. And as Brent Toderian, a former Vancouver city planner and helmet law critic, stated at an SFU roundtable discussion last month: “There is no doubt that the safest thing for cyclists is more cyclists.”

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