Walk To School Day-Mayor Moor, Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton Business owner Jan Sparrow walk raffle winners to school in promotion of good health


The initiative is a part of the recently launched Mayor’s Wellness Committee, organized in collaboration with the school district, Alliance for a Healthier Asbury Park, Hackensack Meridian Health, and EZ Rides’ Safe Routes to School team.


Stop for Pedestrians!

Within several months Asbury Park’s Transportation Planner Mike Manzella has helped to make city streets safer. “Stop for Pedestrian” signs (also known as bollards) have been placed at intersections along the dangerous length of Memorial Dr, and additionally at 40 other city intersections with recorded pedestrian-involved crashes. Literally life transforming.

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“Bicyclist Scofflaws”

Following a recent thread on Next Door Asbury Park, this article helps to clear up the perception of “bicyclist scofflaws”.

“It would be safe to say that almost 100 percent of roadway users break traffic laws. Yet the general public’s perception of lawbreaking behavior by drivers and bicyclists is vastly different—at least if you listen to talk radio or read the comments section to online news stories.”

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