NJ may soon become the 43rd state to enact a Safe Passing Law!

Safe Passing Bill and Safe Sharing One Step Closer for New Jersey Thanks to NJBWC and Advocacy Partners!

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An advocacy story for the records, the campaign evolved from a simple 3-foot bill for bicyclists in 2009 to a move-over/4-foot bill for bike riders, pedestrians and other “vulnerable road users” in 2014. In 2021, the bill now addresses both the speed and distance at which a vehicle can pass other road users.
A package of bills — A5570, A5571, A5579, A5656 — approved by the Legislature and sent to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk would require drivers to change into another lane or leave at least 4 feet between their vehicle and the person they’re passing.”
“A retired police officer told a state Senate committee Thursday why he believes a law is needed to tell drivers how to safely pass people riding bikes, scooters and skateboards in the street — he’s had more close calls riding a bike than in decades in law enforcement.”
If you encounter a paywall with NJ.com check out this article from Atlantic City:
“Motor vehicles have been made much safer for their drivers and passengers. But in the past decade, those motor vehicles and their drivers have killed substantially more people on foot and riding bicycles. Every year, the death toll rises higher.”