Senate Bill to Put Bicycle and Pedestrian Education in the NJ Driver Manual

Improve Driver Education in New Jersey with Senate Bill 2894!

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Christie has to sign on to get bicyclist and pedestrian safety information in the NJ Driver Manual by JANUARY 16.  He has a pile of bills on his desk so let’s get this one to the top!

This bill will improve safety on roads for everyone.   It requires the New Jersey Driver Education Course, Driver’s Education Manual, and written exam to include bicyclist and pedestrian safety information.

Bike riders and pedestrians in New Jersey are not safe on our roads!

Our state ranks among the highest in the nation for bike rider and pedestrian road fatalities. It’s time that drivers learned that our roads are for bike riders and pedestrians also.

Senate bill 2894 requires the New Jersey driver education course, driver’s education manual, and driver’s license written exam to include bicyclist and pedestrian safety information.

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Both the Senate and the Assembly have passed S2894/A4165.

Now it is time for Governor Christie to sign this bill into law. He has until January 16th to sign the bill; otherwise, it will expire and we must begin all over again to get this bill through both the Assembly and the Senate. Click to send a message to Governor Christie that now is the time to start making our roads safer, and a good beginning is educating new drivers, including teenagers, on their responsibilities toward bike riders and pedestrians.

The NJ Bike & Walk Coalition, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and the League of American Bicyclists support this bill and ask you to speak up!

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