Tri City News Publisher Supports Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition Road Diet!

🙌AP city council was willing to change their position after APCSC persistently presented the benefits of a road diet. After 18 months they voted unanimously to accept the NJDOT Main Street plan, including the road diet. The work is almost complete, and is leading to continued improvements to make Asbury Park a truly walkable and bikeable city, and safe for everyone to get around, especially the most vulnerable.
🙌The Publisher of Tri City News was also willing to change his position from calling APCSC “Wild Eyed Fanatics”, to becoming one of our biggest supporters!
Read more on this site about road diets and reconfigurations all over the world!

7 Replies to “Tri City News Publisher Supports Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition Road Diet!”

  1. Thanks, Polli! Didn’t mean to be a downer because overall, Main Street has turned out great. Thank you for all your efforts and those of AP Complete Streets.

    1. Thanks for getting back Chris. We have a long way to go in AP. This DOT Main St reconfiguration is far from perfect, and there is a need for infrastructure throughout the city to keep the most vulnerable road users safe. Onward!

  2. Great! As a planner and part author of the 2008 Main Street Redevelopment Plan that recommended the road diet, I am thrilled to see it come to fruition! However, at the same time, I’m a bit surprised by the overblown infrastructure – e.g. the repeated center turn lane signage and most noticeably the huge traffic light mast arm clutter! I was hoping for more of a commercial district aesthetic for signage and lighting as opposed to something you see on Route 35. Does anyone know why Main Street didn’t get an aesthetic treatment akin to what we see on Corlies Avenue with more attractive traffic lights and pedestrian-oriented lighting?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for chiming in! I have seen the 2008 Main Street Plan. That was before my time in AP…it is impressive work. I’ve reached out to the current Transportation Mgr to find out possible answers to your questions. Thanks so much for following and reading this blog! Polli Schildge

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