NJ Bike and Walk Summit

The New Jersey Bike Walk Summit is New Jersey’s statewide meeting of bicycle and pedestrian advocates, elected officials and other township leaders, transportation and urban planners, bike shop owners and managers, cycling, walking, fitness and health enthusiasts and experts, recreation, trails and club leaders and others who are interested in making our state a better place to live.
Two members of APCSC, Doug McQueen and Polli Schildge have been asked to participate in the “Grassroots Brainstorm”  panel with Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives.
This is an exciting opportunity for the exchange of ideas and we’re thrilled that APCSC has been invited to participate.

Do Bike Lanes Lead To Gentrification?

 Blame it on the bike: does cycling contribute to a city’s gentrification?

Hostility to cyclists and bike lanes often seems to be a proxy for wider anger at gentrification. But does this urban phenomenon really arrive on two wheels – or is new cycle infrastructure a sign the street has already transformed?

“Rightly or wrongly, gentrification is often seen as a process that arrives on two wheels. From Red Hook in Brooklyn to London Fields, fixed-gear bike-wielding young professionals have flocked to former industrial lots and waterfronts.

But does cycling really contribute to gentrification? John Stehlin, a geographer at the University of California, Berkeley who has studied San Francisco’s cycling politics, says the relationship is complex. “Cycling feeds into wider urban changes, including gentrification, but it does not cause gentrification. A bicycle lane gets put on a street that is already undergoing change.”

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