What is Ciclovia? Get Ready For Asbury Park ALIVE!

Asbury Park ALIVE scheduled for May 2019, is our version of this hugely popular event that started in Bogota, Columbia. A ciclovia (“cycleway”) every week brings residents out to ride bikes, walk, juggle or otherwise have fun on city streets. The cost is minimal making it relatively easy to implement weekly. In the US these events are becoming popular but usually are less frequent and more involved, with vendors, activities, music.  Asbury Park ALIVE will be an event not to be missed!  Stay tuned!

Asbury Park ALIVE!

How Bogotá’s Cycling Superhighway Shaped a Generation

For many families, the Ciclovía is often one of the very best things about living in Bogotá. And kids start very young.

A boy cycles along the Septima during Ciclovía. Normally a chokingly busy thoroughfare, half of the road is closed to traffic every Sunday and holiday. Laura Dixon/Madison McVeigh

“Since the 40s, when the automobile started becoming dominant, cities—or streets—have been designed for cars,” Montero said. “People have internalized that that is how cities look and so assume that’s normal, that the streets are dedicated to cars.

So, why don’t more cities adopt similar weekend cycle paths?

Hundreds of delegations have come to Bogotá to see how it works, and there are now Ciclovías across the Americas, though none as extensive or regular as here.

The big problem for most places, experts say, is the expense. In Bogotá, the district estimates the cost to be less than 10 U.S. cents per user each week. “That’s like nothing,” says Ramos. But U.S. cities like Los Angeles (which runs CicLAvia four times a year) and New York have seen costs skyrocket with organizers often liable for policing costs and insurance.”

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