We Need YOU! Sea Hear Now Music Festival Bike Parking

The Sea Hear Now Music Festival is happening this weekend, and we need YOU!

The Festival is promoting bicycle transportation by providing a large self-service bike parking area to be overseen by APCSC and Second Life Bikes. *All bikes must have locks*. Please sign up for a two-hour time slot to help at the bike parking area at the link below:


When: September 29th and 30th (Festival hours are 12:30pm to 10:30pm). Where: Bike Parking will be located on 5th Ave, behind the Wonder Bar, not too far from “the action” in Bradley Park and beyond. What: Welcome bicyclists and *confirm they have a lock*; assist at the information table; *sell bike locks*, bike lights and other merchandise; and ask for a suggested $5 donation to support the APCSC Bike Light Campaign to light up all Asbury Park bikes! Please look at the schedule and choose a two-hour time slot.


Feel free to reply to apcompletestreets@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you for your support!

Polli Schildge






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