LeBron and Complete Streets

“Riding a bike is a favorite early memory for many people. For children, getting their first bike brings their first taste of freedom and independence. It’s also fun and a great equalizer — something kids can enjoy whether they are rich, middle-class or poor; or live in a city, suburb or rural area.

Getting that first bike was just as memorable for Akron’s own LeBron James. “It was way of life. If you had a bike, it was a way to kind of let go and be free,” he shared in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. James credits his success to bicycling, and he’s sharing that with the children at the I Promise School by giving free bikes and helmets to all 240 students.”

Read more…http://www.ohio.com/akron/editorial/commentary/emiko-atherton-complete-streets-liberate-the-city


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