Walking May Save Our Cities

Asbury Park is on it’s way to becoming a more walkable and livable city with new construction and improvements in infrastructure underway.  Go for a walk in Asbury Park and look around. Find things you never knew existed. Get a feel for an unfamiliar neighborhood. Observe what you like, and what you aren’t crazy about, and let us know…APCSC wants to help make our city safer and more livable for everyone.

How walking might save the world (or at least our cities)


Berlin. (But doesn’t it look like Asbury Park’s Cookman Ave?)

“Walking is healthy. Walking is fun. People who walk engage with their cities in a different way, they are connected to it. It’s why walkable cities are such a joy. I have walked a mile in suburban Toronto and it felt like an eternity, but ten times as far downtown without being bored for a minute. This is the true test of a place- what is it like to walk there?”

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