Walking And Bicycling Can Co-Exist And Benefit Cities

“The best trick the auto industry has pulled has been convincing the American public that walking and cycling cannot coexist.” Modacity

We’ve all heard it, and maybe expressed it ourselves: “those bike riders are dangerous on sidewalks, ride the wrong way on the street, and scare/endanger people walking…” there’s a sense of fear, antagonism, and chaos among citizens in American cities.

This is among the other ways the automotive industry has brainwashed the American public – from advertising to language.

Yes, we know.  This graphic advice comes from The Netherlands. Anti-bike lane folks in cities in the US persist in saying  “We’re not Amsterdam”, (Holland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Utrecht, or The Hague.  These cities seem to have no resemblance to American cities, but they have all gone through periods of time in which cars dominated, just as they do now in the US, and people stepped up.  Residents of Copenhagen fought back in the 70s.

Here are 10 ways that bikeability can boost walkability in American cities – and boost the health and economy of our cities too.

Far too often, people on foot and bike are pitted against each other, when they should be natural allies pushing for more equitable allocation of road space. Our #Walk21Rotterdam poster: “Ten Ways Improving Bikeability Can Boost Your City’s Walkability”.



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