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New Jersey Bill S2292/A3359 would require registration and insurance for all low-speed e-bikes and e-scooters.
While other states are rolling out subsidies to make e-bikes more affordable, New Jersey is poised to do the opposite, making e-bikes harder to access and more expensive for working families.
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Advocates are adamantly opposed to Senate President Nicolas Scutari’s bill, fearing it would undermine the goals of reducing car dependency and carbon emissions, and be an expensive and arduous impediment for those who rely on cheaper modes of transportation.
It’s really just a distraction from the REAL issue, which is TOO MANY CARS, traffic crashes and fatalities in New Jersey.  There is not enough reliable transit in the state, city by city, so this bill would effectively force people to rely MORE on driving, or be unable to access destinations at all.

These are the most affordable electric vehicles on the market and an increasingly popular for seniors and alternative to driving a car or delivery van.A New Jersey Senate committee on Thursday passed what even supporters call a flawed bill that would require micro-mobility users to carry a type of liability insurance that doesn’t even exist yet.

There is no requirement for insurance for class 1, 2, or 3 e-bikes, with max speed under 28mph. Over 28mph generally does require insurance. This bill would require insurance for all e-bikes and scooters, including low speed.
Drivers of motor vehicles kill over 40,000 people every year, and it’s worse with the proliferation of large SUVs and bigger and bigger trucks.
Imagine car-free streets with bikes of all kinds, and infrastructure to support all types of bike riding. More micro mobility would make our roads safer for everyone – far more so than with the number of cars on streets everywhere.


Polli Schildge, Editor

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