Trump Administration Refuses To Sign On To Global Declaration Preventing Road Deaths

The US is the only Nation to dissociate from the Global Declaration on Preventing Road Deaths – because it supports the oil, gas, and the automotive industries. This administration denies the problem of road deaths, just as it denies climate change, and has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord. 
The numbers of death-by automobile is staggering in the US alone – almost 40,000 last year.

GLOBALLY, MORE THAN 1.3 million people per year are killed in road crashes, with a further 50 million people seriously injured. Such crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5–29 years.”

U.S. Only Nation To Dissociate From Global Declaration On Preventing Road Deaths

The U.S. has refused to sign up to a new declaration on road safety. The so-called Stockholm Declaration was issued at the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety held in Stockholm, Sweden, February 19–20.

Out of more than 140 attending nations the U.S was the only one that issued a dissenting statement.

Etienne Krug, director at WHO’s Department of Social Determinants of Health, said that if motorized road transport did not yet exist “no sane government would permit it.”

He said that the Stockholm Declaration could enable the world to “move quickly towards a safe, healthy, and clean transport system for everyone.”

However, the dissent from the U.S. could slow this progress, claimed Vancouver-based city planner Brent Toderian:

“The U.S. delegation using its stubborn car-only doctrine, and radical ideology of climate emergency denial as excuses to stand in the way of real traffic death solutions is sadly just par for the course for the Trump Administration.”

Further linking the U.S. dissent on road crashes to that on climate change, Toderian added:

“As with other important issues needing global leadership and partnership, the rest of the world must proceed without hesitation, with or without America.”

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