The Renaissance Village Set To Begin Construction

Exciting development which will also include safer transportation for residents around the city.

Mayor “Moor has said the two projects also fall in line with the Interfaith Neighbors Turf Club project that will bring 20 additional units along Springwood Avenue across from Springwood Avenue Park. What makes the Turf Club project unique is that it will not only offer many first time home buyers an affordable option but an adjacent income property. The 10 duplex format will be developed in phases with each owner occupied home featuring a ground floor one bedroom unit and second story two bedroom option.

Construction to upgrade the sewer line under the Springwood Avenue railroad crossing is set to get underway during the same time frame.

“Springwood Avenue in the next year will be worse than Sunset Avenue when the bridge was being rebuilt because there will be jack and boring the railroad tracks,” he said at a recent Asbury Park Homeowners Association meeting.

Among the collaborative efforts, will be to look at sharing project development needs to stay costs and ensuring an unencumbered route of travel for neighboring residents and houses of worship in the area, he said.”

The Renaissance Village Set To Begin Construction

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