News and Info About Save Asbury’s Waterfront

APCSC Support of Save Asbury’s Waterfront

Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition supports city development and initiatives which make every part of the city livable and accessible to everyone.  Our goal in support of the Save Asbury’s Waterfront campaign is to maintain the character of this part of the waterfront and boardwalk so that it’s completely open and welcoming to residents and visitors, and to protect the natural environment of the area.  The financial burden in the initial goal of the campaign will be daunting.  It is to stop the bulldozers and bring the developer Istar and the city back to the table to reexamine the plans (see below).  We have faith that the mayor and city council are listening and considering our agenda as described in the the Asbury Park Sun and on the ABC 7 news report.

Please come to the City Council Meeting on Thursday, 11/8:  5pm press conference; 6pm Istar plans; 7pm public comment.

For more information:

AP master plan 2017Redevelopment plans on our Resources page. 


Where’s The Boardwalk North Of 6th Ave??

Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition advocates for equity in access on all thoroughfares throughout Asbury Park. The Boardwalk is one of these thoroughfares.  Did you know…?

If you’ve been to the boardwalk North of 6th Ave this past week you may have been wondering what’s going on.  There’s heavy equipment and NO BOARDWALK.  Work has begun on this latest phase of the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan which includes narrowing of the boardwalk north of 6th Ave to a 15 ft pathway, a membership beachclub, townhouses, and impervious paving.

Many people were caught off guard when work abruptly began last week with little, if any, communication to residents. A 2002 plan had agreed upon at that time, but conditions have changed since then. Residents want and deserve to be informed and be offered participation in any ongoing development.  APCSC is NOT opposed to redevelopment, but we believe it must be transparent, be responsibly designed with respect for the environment, particularly on the oceanfront, and it must provide equal access to everyone. 

If you are an interested resident, a supporter of equity in access in AP, and if you want to ensure that any development will protect our natural environment, here’s how you can help:

ONLINE PETITION:  sign and share!  
Be detailed, factual, personal in your reasons for signing!
*Attend the City Council Meeting on Thursday 11/8, 6:00 PM.  
Please attend to show your support;  there will be opportunity for public comment, so please prepare up to 3 minutes of remarks.
Attend the organizational meeting is Saturday 11/3 at 3:00 PM in the lobby room at North Beach (1501 Ocean, enter at corner of 7th/Ocean) – please invite anyone who is looking to organize and volunteer.
Attend the AP Homeowner’s Association Meeting on Sunday 11/4 at 10:30 AM at Capitoline downstairs – another opportunity to interact with neighbors and city leadership.