Study: Drivers Don’t Look Right!

The article states 1. Even the “safe” demographic of drivers selected for the study do not look right when turning right. 2. Drivers were less likely to look right when they are familiar with the intersection. And here’s the scary one-3. people on bikes and walkers should assume that drivers don’t see them.  The article doesn’t mention the most serious problem…Right Turn On Red.  RTOR was a plan designed in the 70s during the gas shortage to save gas and reduce emissions.  Drivers not only don’t look right, but also routinely do not stop at red lights and stop signs before turning.  “Permitting rights on red increases pedestrian crashes by 60 percent and bike crashes by 100 percent, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found in the 1980s.” (  RTOR is another example where mobility of cars is prioritized over safety, and needs to end.

More than half of drivers don’t look for cyclists and pedestrians before turning right, study finds

August 9, 2018, University of Toronto

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