Spring Into Gear! Bike Bus Is Coming!


Hello Asbury Park families~

Learn about the Bike Bus Movement!


Bike Bus in New York City

Parent volunteers ride bikes with kids to school.

  • Picking up kids along the way (like a school bus), along a planned route. Kids wait at their “bus stop” and hop on as the group arrives.
  • Riding together is safer than riding alone.
  • Starting the day with healthy activity, building community, reducing traffic, and leading to healthier kids and an overall healthier community.
  • Bike Bus started in Spain and has been catching on everywhere, all over the globe.

We’re not reinventing the wheel! 

Sam Balto, a PE teacher at Alameda Elementary School captains the bike bus.

In Portland the Alameda Bike Bus, one of the first in the US, grew to hundreds of kids in 4 months. Here’s how that Bike Bus started.

Other cities that have been rolling to school on a Bike Bus:

The Upper West Side of NYC

Montclair, NJ

Jersey City


And there are many, many more cities all over the US and the world rolling to school together on bikes.

Check out the Bike Bus slide show right here.

Bike Bus is simple:

  • It’s kids riding bikes to school together with parents on a planned route.
  • It can be planned for one morning a week, or more frequently.
  • Parent volunteers decide, and make the commitment.
  • Asbury Park is perfectly situated to succeed with a Bike Bus!

Spread the word. Share this flyer with friends in Asbury Park! 


Polli Schildge, Editor APCSC


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