Shared Responsibility?

Sharing Isn’t Caring: Shifting Gears on Shared Responsibility

 Mazumder, Urban Scientist. Community Builder. Keynote Speaker.

We need to change the conversation on shared responsibility.

“Cyclists have nothing to “share”. By virtue of their ability to injure and kill, drivers own the power, and, ultimately, the road. Cycling infrastructure is infinitely more effective at ensuring cyclist safety than a “share the road” campaign is.”

Tip 3 in the new safety video states that “…cyclists “should ride as far to the right shoulder on the road as possible”…while the police officer narrating the video is hugging the curb on a sharrowed road in Downtown Kitchener:

This advice is not only wrong, but it adds confusion to how sharrows should be used, and ultimately could put cyclists in harm’s way. The City of Kitchener’s website clearly states: “sharrows in the middle of the traffic lanes indicate that cyclists may take the full lane and reminds drivers to share the road with cyclists.”

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