Riding A Bike From A Woman’s POV

When I commute or train on my road bike, or cruise around town on my basket bike I feel alternately strong and empowered, or vulnerable and endangered.  There is rarely a ride of any type or duration that is without concern for my safety, yet I ride and I will continue to ride.  This author needs to be concerned with her own health issues as well as her safety, yet she rides.

My Barriers to Biking Are The Same Reasons I Bike

by  on April 18, 2018

“When I bike I defy those who catcall me, those who are trying to make me feel less safe in my city. From my perspective one of the best ways to make the city safer for women is to just be visible, don’t go away, use the bike lanes, use the roads, advocate for yourself by not letting other people change your commute.”

Fran’s Bike:

Polli’s Basket Bike:

Polli’s Road Bike:

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