Mercury News: San Jose: Like it or not, the Lincoln Avenue road diet is staying put

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Although the debate continues among a few residents, safety will remain a primary issue.   School children are now able to safely cross the street, and “…residents also stepped forward, saying they felt safer walking and biking around Lincoln these days. No serious injury crashes have been reported since the road diet began, according to the study, which noted that in four of the previous five years there was a serious injury crash along that same stretch of Lincoln.”

Businesses have mostly been positively affected as well.

“One restaurant owner said the road diet has hurt her and her husband’s business. But Michael Mulcahy, who owns the Garden Theater parking lot, credited it with boosting the local economy. A Willow Glen dentist who has his practice on the avenue also called it an “unqualified success.””

“Economic data compiled by city officials show that retail and office vacancy rates have fallen in the area, while sales tax receipts from local businesses in 2015 were higher than in each of the previous two years. Restaurants and other food-related businesses saw sales tax receipts jump by almost 8 percent from 2014.”

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