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Asbury Park is is undoubtedly experiencing a “rebirth”.  This renaissance includes thriving music and dining scenes, plus luxury condominiums on the oceanfront, and more to come. Some residents credit developers for “revitalizing” Asbury Park, (although the reality is that timing is everything, and developers knew the time was right, even considering the risk).  At the same time, many good people are focused on serious issues of social justice, “basic functional needs”, like food, housing, jobs, and education.

Besides upscale development, and in addition to the wonderful people helping to make the city livable, what make us really LOVE a city? Are possibly we missing opportunities to promote and enhance the things that would make Asbury Park truly loveable?  Preserving and keeping our incredible waterfront accessible and welcoming to everyone is the first thing that comes to mind…it’s a resource like no other.

Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition supports Save Asbury’s Waterfront.


“The 2017 Placemaking conference in Amsterdam opened my eyes to the concept of ‘lovability’, thanks to Dutch placemaker Peter Groenendaal, who encouraged participants to think beyond basic ‘livability.’ This message was recieved with an open heart, as it came only days after the Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, passed away. The Mayor concluded his final letter to the citizens of Amsterdam with a call to action: “Please take good care of our city, and of each other.”

Read about how to love a city:

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