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Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition Annual Meeting and The State of the Organization

Raising funds for the Bike Light Campaign to Light Up Bikes in Asbury Park

Annual Meeting and Bike Light Campaign Fundraiser at Little Buddy Hideaway, Saturday, March 30th 6-8pm

Get tickets in advance here, or buy at the door (limited to 75).

Music by Stringbean Blues, door prizes (2 bikes!), screening of Bike Riddim, the award winning documentary, and updates on what’s happening in city infrastructure for biking and walking.
This event will help to raise funds for bike lights for people who need them. We hope to engage APPD to help distribute and install the lights, and we’d like to provide lights to restaurants to help hospitality staff to be lit up when they ride at night.

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Annual Meeting and Bike Light Campaign

Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition

How Far Have We Come?

February 2019


Thank you for your continued support as APCSC endeavors to make the streets of our city safer for all users, especially the most vulnerable. If we design our streets for children and for the elderly they will be safe for everyone, including for drivers. As advocates for safe and accessible streets for all users, we want to be a one-point contact for all things regarding street safety. Our mission evolved to advocate for City streets that are safe for all road users. Speed endangers our most vulnerable citizens – Crashes cause pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver deaths.

APCSC is entering the 4th year of our existence. We were originally founded to address bicycle regulations on the boardwalk. While that issue remains one of our goals, the successful completion of other initiatives are many.

When the Route 71/Main Street road improvement plan was announced, APCSC advocated and educated for the proven safety benefits of a lane configuration. Many Main Street businesses signed on in support. Success in achieving this goal was recognized at the State level and by the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition, with whom we have an affiliation.

Leading the City’s street safety efforts today is the City’s Transportation Manager, Michael Manzella. Mike has shown his expertise and dedication to biking and walking planning from conception to implementation. Mike has proven to be our “road warrior,” working with Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition on transportation and mobility concerns for Asbury Park: A Bike Share Program; An increasing number of bike lanes; a checklist for a “Complete Streets Policy”; The “Asbury Park Plan for Walking and Biking”; spearheading the implementation of an electric car share, approval of the NJDOT reconfiguration of Main Street and Road Diet; improved crosswalks and markings, and a bicycle registration program by the AP Police Department.

We continue to advocate for:

Requiring new construction and road paving to include accommodation for bicycles

Installation of more bike racks throughout the city

Engaging with APPD in support of people riding bikes, and installing bike lights

Continuing bike light giveaway project

Reducing parking spaces to provide for safe corners and bike parking

Rewriting boardwalk bike ordinance

Making recommendations for city ordinance re: riding on sidewalks

Continuing crosswalk improvements

Encouraging regular Community Bike Rides

New initiatives are:

Installation of Leading Pedestrian Intervals and Leading Bicycle Intervals at intersections

Installation of protected bike lanes

Building a bike depot at the transit center

Promote alternative “traffic calming” strategies

Encourage walking and jogging paths around Sunset Lake

Encourage alternate means of transportation – not cars

Enforcement of speeding, double parking, and blocking bike lanes

Designation of loading zones

Develop off-site parking for delivery trucks and mandate smaller truck delivery

Develop an anti-bike theft program

Developing off-site parking and “Last Mile” transportation options from the transit center to destinations in the city


Thank you for your continued support, as APCSC endeavors to be your one-point beacon for all things regarding equitable mobility and street safety.  

Look for us and follow on social media.  Twitter: @Asburyparkcsc; subscribe to our website: www.apcompletestreets.org; Facebook page:  @asburyparkcompletestreetscoalition.


Annual Meeting and Fund Raiser: LIttle Buddy Hideaway, Saturday, March 30th 6-8pm See more and buy tickets!

“ASBURY PARK ALIVE!” on May 4th from 1-5pm:The ultimate open streets, car-free festival.  Cover letter for Asbury Park Alive  



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