If You’re Really A Climate Activist Ride A Bike

Have you had the pleasure of commuting around your city, or from town to town on a bike and realized that you get to each stop sign or signal at about the same time, or faster than people on the road driving cars?  Drivers (I am also a driver) tend to sit at an intersection waiting for the signal to change, or for the opportunity to go from a stop sign, then speed to the next stop.  On a bike I continue at the same pace, rolling up to the front of the line of drivers, then go at my pace to the next stop.  So the at the end of the commute I have pedaled steadily, and it seems that I get to my destination at almost the same speed, or faster, as when I drive my car…and I’m using zero fuel except for my own, and having negative effect on climate change.  The best commute!

Bikes aren’t just transportation, they are climate action

Lloyd Alter  September 12, 2018

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