How To Get Drivers To Slow Down And Stop

Asbury Park isn’t alone in working on implementing ways to #slowthecars, and to get drivers to yield and stop for people walking and on bikes.  Using “human factors psychology,” (focused on altering group behavior) and positive reinforcement with a “community engaged approach”.  Here’s how St. Paul is doing it.  Check out the “gateway treatment”. Could AP use this idea?

From Planetizen: “Human factors psychology includes other jargon-y sounding terms like “social norming” and “implied surveillance.” “…clarify more of the concepts behind this tool for convincing drivers to slow and even stop for the safety and right of way of pedestrians.”

To Get Drivers to Yield, St. Paul Uses Psych Trick

The third wave of enforcement, which was in August, we put up simple R1-6 signs (or “bollards“) . Those went up at our treatment sites and they were very effective. We started doing another wave of enforcement. Then we started seeing compliance in the 70s, which is just a dream compared to where we were last fall.

Then we did our fourth wave in October and we enhanced those in-street signs to “gateway treatments.” A gateway treatment is when you have that R1-6 sign on the center line and then when you have one in the outside lane. So you’re driving through multiple signs on a gate.

Does this sign look familiar?

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