DRIVERS: It’s Your Responsibility

This is one of the few PSAs we’ve seen that’s aimed at the DRIVER. Let’s get this message out loud and clear!

In addition, they’ve addressed the use of the dehumanizing term “pedestrian”:

“What do you think of when you hear that “…a pedestrian was hit?

Your best friend?

A neighbor?

Someone important in your life?

Probably not. We have put the plight of the person out of our minds and replaced it with the sterile pedestrian.

Now what do you think of when you hear that “…a young child was hit?

It should feel extremely uncomfortable, maybe even offensive, to have these distressing emotions broached.

Yet, therein lies the problem: Instead of confronting safety issues head-on, our society has largely relegated this as taboo topic. We literally do not think about these crashes and evade the horror with euphemistic language.”


The University of Miami WalkSafe program is a pediatric injury prevention program working directly with public schools through our free 3-day educational curriculum and safety resources.

WalkSafe also encourages physical activity through walking to school and advocates for facilities and infrastructure improvements to the school environment by collaborating with local governments, traffic planners, school districts and the community.

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