Asbury Park Continues To Improve On Road Infrastructure

Asbury Park is taking measures to make streets safe and transportation options accessible to everyone. We’ve often thought that all of it needs to be done and it needs to be done NOW. But what we have learned is that 1. these improvements are so much more complicated than what we see on the surface, like paint and concrete. And 2. many of the improvements and changes have to be done incrementally in order to be successful.



New Jersey Department of Transportation’s work on the Main Street Revitalization Project also continues with crews installing electrical wires and underground storm sewer infrastructure along Main Street/State Route 71. Residents are asked to use caution during 24-hour lane and parking closures, while Northbound and Southbound traffic is accommodated via lane shifts. Sidewalk access to residences and businesses will be available at all times. The project, which is anticipated to be completed in the spring of 2020, will include replacement of 18 traffic signals with new pedestrian signals, replacement of electrical utility poles, curb upgrades for ADA compliance at every intersection, upgrades of underground utilities, drainage improvements, lighting improvements and partial sidewalk
replacement. Road reconstruction, final repaving and restriping will follow a traditional road diet plan to accommodate all corridor users and will include creating a center two-way left turn lane with a travel
lane in each direction, bicycle lanes and parking.

“With the tremendous amount of improvements we’re making to our City’s streets, it’s a given that the work is going to be disruptive,” said Mayor John Moor, “ but we need to remember that the goal is to
make our streets safer and create more efficient traffic flow— and the end results will be well worth it.”

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