A Dire Warning: Cars.

There is no time to lose. Right NOW we need to reduce use of cars. This can be done if there is the will to do it. The planet depends upon us all globally–and Americans are among the worst offenders.


The Planet Can’t Survive Our Transportation Habits

In light of the IPCC’s dire report, substituting some personal convenience in the present could mean that much more hope for the planet’s future.

Smoke from the Waldo Canyon fire engulfs the I-25 north of Colorado Springs, causing a traffic congestion, in Colorado June 26, 2012.

A landmark report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released Monday spelled out a grim planetary future in no uncertain terms. If greenhouse gases warm the atmosphere by as much as 1.5 degrees Celsius, the most dire effects of climate change will be unleashed. Coastlines will be submerged, droughts and wildfires exacerbated, coral reefs exterminated, severe food shortages and poverty deepened. And humanity has only a fast-closing 12-year window to make the changes necessary to avoid this fate.

According to the report, decarbonizing the transportation sector would require electrifying vehicle fleets, shifting mobility choices from low- to high-efficiency modes en masse, and transforming urban planning to curtail sprawl and make walking, biking, and transit use easier.

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