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APCSC is a member and supporter of Strong Towns.

Strong Towns is an international movement that’s dedicated to making communities across the United States and Canada financially strong and resilient.

Throughout the past 5 years we’ve utilized tools and resources from Strong Towns. We’ve learned and shared ways to build a better, more equitable city for everyone. Now we’re facing the real, imminent challenges that face cities everywhere – it’s all about how to take care of one another.  Let’s be the best we can be right now “to make our systems more bottom-up and responsive. To make them more humane.”

We’re about to witness the best humans have to offer.

by Charles Marohn

“What you imagine as overwhelming or terrifying while at leisure becomes something you can cope with when you must-there is no time for fear.”

— Rebecca Solnit, A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster

“I think we are about to witness the best humans have to offer each other.

That’s what Solnit documents in her book. During times of stability, society seems to accept the grinding decline of these failed systems. Yet, during times of distress, leaders – especially at the most adaptable local level – step forward and fill the gaps left by incompetence and inflexibility. We need to support these people because, despite the scariness of the unknown, this is an opportunity to reshape the direction of our entire country. To make our systems more bottom-up and responsive. To make them more humane.

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