A Pool Noodle As A Bike Safety Hack?

The bike noodle hack has been around for a long time. Yes, it’s clever. But the sad fact is that the onus for safety is on the bike rider, rather than on drivers of motor vehicles, who kill thousands of people waking and riding biked every year in the US, and on engineers and planners, who should be designing streets and roads that are safe for the most vulnerable users: people on bikes and walking.  Let’s talk about how  NOT TO GET HIT  by a car.

Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle

By Annalisa van den Bergh 

The hard truth is that bicycles are still largely seen as a nuisance on the road. We’re on the margins—literally. Cyclists are reminded of this every time we get skimmed by a car. According to the World Health Organization, over half of international traffic deaths involve vulnerable road users such as cyclists. And because Americans are among the least avid cyclists in the world, they’re among the most likely to get killed by a car.

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