A City That Works For Everyone: Reflections on the Necessity of an Intersectional Urbanism

“…intersectional urbanism is an urbanism that (1) recognizes the diversity of experiences in a city, (2) acknowledges the oppression experienced by the marginalized and (3) endeavours towards building a city that meets the needs of everyone who lives in it.”


The author lives with issues of marginalization.  He is a person of color and has a physical handicap.  He also believes that he has privilege, being male, saying that privilege has sheltered him from the reality of misogyny .

He says,

“I try to be cognizant of how these elements shape how I see the world and determine the positions I take.”

“As someone who lives with a progressive degenerative neuromuscular disease, I am constantly examining accessibility in cities and trying my best to advocate for universal design.

As a person of colour, I reflect on how racism influences my experience of the city.”

“…privilege (has) sheltered me from that reality. I wasn’t naive to the misogyny



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