Let’s Make Room For Scooters

Let’s Rethink What a ‘Bike Lane’ Is

How about “light individual transport lane”? “LIT”

Andrew Small A

Let’s make room for scooters. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson – RC1178259840

“…trying to think of the correct new term for “bike lane” as we proliferate more vehicle types that run more or less at the speed and width of bicycles but are clearly not bicycles, such as electric scooters.  The two logical terms seem to be narrow lane or midspeed lane.  One way or another the two concepts will need to track with each other.

I wonder if this kind of language can make our sense of the role of these lanes more flexible, and thus less divisive.”

“I liked suggestions like ‘low-impact transport’ and ‘light individual transport’ because it can get an acronym: LIT.”

With scooters collapsing the distinctions that divide drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, she sees an opportunity to “ride that wave into government,” she says. “People love these things, so let’s make space from them.”

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