World Champion cyclist says, “riding a bike on UK roads feels too dangerous for me”

Former cycling world champion, who is cycling and walking commissioner for Greater Manchester is avoiding riding on Britain’s roads because he feels they have become too dangerous.

Boardman said he found road riding in parts of the UK “exhausting” and unpleasant. “False modesty aside, I’m about as competent as it gets and I am constantly doing risk assessments. I’m looking at parked cars, seeing which way wheels are turning, everything that’s going on around me. It’s just exhausting. Whereas if I ride on a track or a trail I don’t have to do that and it’s just more pleasant these days,” he said.

“I’m not interested in cyclists … I’m interested in the people in the cars. Getting them to change, it’s got to be easy, appealing and safe, in that order,” he said, suggesting his success ought to be measured by some sort of “happiness index”. “You have to measure: is this a more pleasant place to be or not?”




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