Streetfilms Video: A Bicycle Network. Part 1

Amazing story of how a city gets a successful bike network-and fast.

How Seville Got Its Bicycle Network

Back in 2006, Seville’s city leaders decided it was going to build a bicycle network. An expansive one, especially for a city that had very few daily riders (most claim less than a 0.5% bike mode share) and in just 18 months the city installed 80 kms of bike lanes!

They did it by commissioning a poll which found over 80% of the city’s residents thought bike lanes were a good thing and not long after the accelerated plan was set in motion. Most of the lanes were two-way protected lanes placed at grade with the sidewalk and the reaction was very positive as the city is approaching a 10% mode share.

Some of the lanes are certainly on the narrow side thanks to the numbers of riders, though there is a movement to widen them and further expand the network (see one such newer section in the Streetfilm.) But the proof on how well they work in Seville is in these irrefutable visuals: very few people wearing helmets, 35% of riders are women and there is a large component of older people riding. And for a place that is often sunny & hot – the third day I was there it was nearly 100 degrees – people still just keep riding…many of the men in business suits.

Watch video:

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