Very cool science: Bike lanes experiment…

measures cyclist response to infrastructure design.

Penn Today, Office of University of Pennsylvania

Brandon BakerWriter

Asbury Park is getting set to install bike lanes.  Here is some science to consider.

“A professor and students use goggles to test bikers’ riding behavior while traveling on Philadelphia’s bike lanes. Here, a snapshot of how Megan Ryerson is using data and technology to plan safer streets, and marry design and public health.”

We don’t need to turn Philly into Denmark, but we can feel safe biking to school.

“Healthy environments as a design principle, she says, is the idea that creating a safer intersection promotes a “spiral” of completely improving a neighborhood. People feel safe, so they feel good about their neighborhoods, and, therefore, they do good: They clean up streets, start neighborhood groups, and maybe advocate for a new speed bump on their street. From a public health standpoint, this encourages low-mobility neighbors—particularly the elderly, who Ryerson says can be discouraged by design details as seemingly minor as a traffic light that turns over too quickly—to spend more time outside.”

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