URGENT Message from NJBWC re. Bill S2894

Cyndi Steiner
Executive Director
New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition


URGENT message:
S2894- the bill NJBWC has been working on for a year now- is NOT on the schedule for Monday’s (Nov., 20, 2017) Senate Budget Committee vote.
This bill will require the MVC to include bike & pedestrian safety in the driver’s education curriculum, in the driver’s ed manual and on the exam. We need this bill posted for a vote on Monday in order to get it passed this session, otherwise, we must start all over.
Please share this post on the NJBWC facebook page to your networks. We need to flood these legislators with our requests!
Please contact:
Senator Paul Sarlo – (201) 804-8118 (Committee Chair)Senator Nia Gill – (973) 509-0388 (co-sponsor)
Senator Steven Oroho – (973) 300-0200 (co-sponsor)

Or contact them through this site:

Here is language to send to them:

Dear Senator, 
Please post bill S2894- the bill requiring the MVC to include bike and pedestrian safety in the driver’s ed manual, in the curriculum and on the exam- for a vote at the November Senate Budget Committee meeting. Drivers need to be educated on bike riders’ and pedestrians’ right to the road, so that we can start to eliminate the senseless deaths and injuries to these road users on New Jersey roads.
Thank you,

Your name.



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