Traffic Signals For Bicyclists

Learn about how cities can make riding a bicycle safer at intersections with lighting signals called Leading Bicycle Intervals, or “LBIs”, similar to the more familiar Leading Pedestrian Intervals, “LPIs”. 2 articles in one!

Addressing Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts with Alternate Signal Control Strategies

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And read about leading bicycle intervals from NAACTO here:

Bicycle Signal Head Benefits

  • Separates bicycle movements from conflicting motor vehicle, streetcar, light rail, or pedestrian movements.
  • Provides priority to bicycle movements at intersections (e.g., a leading bicycle interval).
  • Accommodates of bicycle-only movements within signalized intersections (e.g., providing a phase for a contra-flow bike lane that otherwise would not have a phase). Through bicycle travel may also occur simultaneously with parallel auto movement if conflicting automobile turns are restricted.

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