Slow Rolling In AP – And Bicycle Patrol Is Back!

The Monthly Asbury Park Slow Roll was so fun!
It was great to meet up with new and old friends after having to cancel the past 2 rides due to weather. Lots of good conversation on a chilly, windy evening ride around town.

More active and hyperlocal explorations (walking and biking!) make our streets more vibrant.

More vibrant streets attract increased retail, leading to greater job creation in our neighborhoods, and will help bring us together and even contribute to reducing violence in our communities.

We’re so grateful to have support from Asbury Park Police Department.

Special thanks to APPD Bike Patrol officer joining us at the back of the group!

See you in June โ˜€๏ธ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ•ถ๐Ÿšฒ
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Slow Roll 5.10.22 with an Asbury Park Bike Patrol officer taking up the rear!

Community bike rides enable people to explore our community in a way that’s not possible from behind a windshield of a motor vehicle.

Cruisin’ on Cookman. Hoping that the Open Street Plan will be back in effect to prioritize safety, health, and economic benefits of a people-oriented business district.

When will it get warmer!?!

A chilly evening Slow Roll!


Asbury Park Bicycle Patrol Unit Launches – Finally!

Community policing with officers on bikes!
We’ve been advocating for cops on bikes in Asbury Park for years. We’re very happy that our effort was finally successful. After being told variously that police bikes were somewhere in storage (previous city manager), or that we couldn’t do it because it was too expensive, or the course was at the wrong time of year…
Finally after reaching out to other municipalities with bicycle patrol, we made direct personal contact last year with the head of the Monmouth Police Academy Police Bicycle Patrol Training Course, who had great suggestions. He provided the course catalog, which was shared with AP City Manager and city leaders. Thanks to one and all!
The city announcement of Asbury Park Bicycle patrol.