Study: Cyclists Don’t Break Traffic Laws Any More Than Drivers Do

This is a research study and the findings are reported in the article.  There are some predictable responses from readers.  After reading the article be sure to read the comments, including  the one from Polli Heh Schildge on behalf of APCSC.

A study [PDF] commissioned by the Florida Department of Transportation provides new insight into how cyclists and drivers interact, and found that motorists and dangerous street design — not cyclist behavior — are the primary factors that put cyclists at risk.

Researchers from the University of South Florida gathered data from 100 bike riders in and around Tampa. Participants’ bikes were mounted with sensors, cameras, and GPS to record their movements for a total of 2,000 hours.

The results do not support the assumption that cyclists are reckless rule-breakers.

2 Replies to “Study: Cyclists Don’t Break Traffic Laws Any More Than Drivers Do”

  1. “The study is not without its shortcomings. It’s unknown how much the presence of monitoring equipment influenced cyclist behavior.”

    I imagine you might behave better with sensors and cameras on your bike.

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