Streetfilms: Copenhagen’s Car-free streets & Slow-speed zones

Blast from the past–Streetfilms 8 years ago and just as inspiring now. Enjoy seeing what can be done in Asbury Park to make streets walkable.

Copenhagen began slowing the cars and building traffic calming infrastructure long ago.  Towns and cities in the US are finally beginning to realize that slower speeds for cars is the key to saving lives, maintaining a healthy, people-oriented environment, and promoting economic stability.


Copenhagen’s Car-free streets & Slow-speed zones

“Most Copenhagen’s city streets have a speed limit of 30 to 40 km/h (19 to 25 mph). Even more impressive, there are blocks in some neighborhoods with limits as low as 15 km/h (9 mph) where cars must yield to residents. Still other areas are “shared spaces” where cars, bikes and pedestrians mix freely with no stress, usually thanks to traffic calming measures (speed bumps are popular), textured road surfaces and common sense.”


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