Self-Driving Cars Not Ready For Prime Time

Self-driving cars are failing at detecting humans doing human things. So blame the humans.


Aug 20, 2018

“If that weren’t enough, self-driving car engineers themselves seem to finally be growing frustrated enough with the whole endeavor that they are engaging in some wild reality-distortion-field tactics. They have begun to blame the cars’ lack of success on non-negotiable aspects of reality. The problem is not that self-driving AI is bad at driving, their logic now goes; it’s that people are bad at walking. The Bloomberg report from Thursday detailing this tension included these devastating paragraphs:

With these timelines slipping, driverless proponents like Ng say there’s one surefire shortcut to getting self-driving cars on the streets sooner: persuade pedestrians to behave less erratically. If they use crosswalks, where there are contextual clues—pavement markings and stop lights—the software is more likely to identify them.”

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