Once seniors are too old to drive, our transportation system totally fails them

The article makes the case for providing seniors motorized transportation, and doesn’t address the need for better infrastructure for elderly pedestrians.  Many cities like Asbury Park have Complete Streets policies which list specific improvements to city streets to make streets safer and transportation accessible to those without cars.  Streets that are safe for the most vulnerable; from age 8 to 88.

“More than anything else, self-driving cars could revolutionize seniors’ transportation options. Widespread self-driving technology is still years away, but Google has programmed cars that can safely navigate a heavily mapped area in Northern California.”

“Some experts are skeptical that they’ll ever be functional in real-world driving conditions across the country. But if they do, they could provide an easy means of getting around for people who can no longer drive — allowing millions of seniors to remain in their homes without becoming isolated.”

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