No Helmets-No Problem. Building A Cycling City

Building The Cycling City, out just this week on Island Press, is a tour of Dutch bicycling culture that attempts to “extract lessons that can be applied to other cities, including, yes, American cities.”

For anyone interested in how we can create a city that’s safe for bicyclists-and for everyone-this book and interview will be a great read. The interview with the authors, Chris and Melissa Bruntlett is illuminating and positive. Helmets are not necessary in a city with infrastructure designed for the safety of all users, not mainly for expediting automobile traffic.

Does this sound familiar? Excerpt:

“The American stereotype of the Netherlands is that they’ve got it all figured out; they do everything right. But your book makes it clear that everybody was not always on the same page. There were political battles.”

Chris Bruntlett

One of the things we heard repeatedly when we got back was, “That would never work here, our city’s different.” We would always say, “well, every Dutch city is different!”

No helmets, no problem: how the Dutch created a casual biking culture

A chat with the authors of a new book on cycling in the Netherlands.



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