New Jersey Bicycling Manual

Traveling By Bicycle
Bicycling is a popular and enjoyable means of personal transportation
for all ages. Increased bicycle use would yield the following benefits:
• Can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle
• Promotes fitness and a sense of well being
• Requires no non-renewable energy sources
• Is inexpensive
• Supports smart growth initiatives
• Doesn’t degrade the environment
• Is fun!
The New Jersey Department of Transportation supports the use of the
bicycle as a means of personal transportation and recreation.
Carrying out this policy involves:
• Actively promoting the use of bicycles
• Implementing programs that foster and improve conditions for bicycling
• Designing and maintaining public rights-of-way so they accommodate
bicycle traffic
• Encouraging and supporting other state, regional, county and local
governmental agencies to adopt policies and implement programs and
projects that will enhance the bicycling environment
• Administering grant programs that provide funding for the development
of bicycle facilities and programs
• Providing information to the public on bicycling opportunities and safe
bicycling practices.
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