Light Up Asbury Park Bike Light Campaign

APCSC wants to to provide bike lights for every bike rider in Asbury Park. You can help by donating to NJ Bike & Walk Coalition (NJBWC, our fiscal agent), which will allocate your tax-deductible gift to our Bike Light Campaign.  Make your contribution here, and designate APCSC Bike Lights in the memo line:

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps to make Asbury Park a safer and healthier community.

Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition has been working since October 2015 to help make Asbury Park streets safer and equitable access for everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

Among our initiatives are better crosswalks, more visible and better-placed lights and stop signs, bike lanes, and speed limits, and the reconfiguration of Main Street. We are in collaboration with the city, and improvements of infrastructure are already underway.

At this time of year, days are shorter, and many people ride bikes in AP as their only transportation.  We are planning educational events where we’d like to give away bike lights to every bike rider in Asbury Park. We have a resource for LED lights which we would like to purchase: red lights for the back of bikes, and white lights for the front.

Our goal is to light up all bikes in the city!

We all know that safe streets mean better neighborhoods, and with that in mind, we hope that you will consider helping us meet our goal of $2000 to purchase bike lights for all bicycle riders in Asbury Park.

Contributions made to New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition, NJBWC, will be allocated towards APCSC’s bike light drive.

Checks payable to NJBWC with APCC Bike Lights in the memo line.

Click to access Donation_form.pdf

The mission of the New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition is to create a unified voice advocating for issues affecting the rights and needs of cyclists and pedestrians throughout the state.

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