APP: iStar Agrees to Meet With Asbury Park To Redesign Waterfront

APCSC advocates for equitable access for everyone throughout the city of Asbury Park. We are confident that the city of Asbury Park and iStar will be diligent supporting “a planning process that supports a “community-based” vision for the redesign which he said should include a long term solution for the Bradley Cove development site.”


ASBURY PARK – iStar has agreed to meet with city officials to “begin the redesign process” of controversial infrastructure improvements under way at the north end beachfront.

Brian Cheripka, iStar’s senior vice president of land and development, said in a letter to the city that the city’s master waterfront developer is “willing to come back to the table to discuss the project.”

Mayor John Moor said the letter is a step in the right direction between the city and iStar and that “middle ground” can be reached on the project when the two sit down at the scheduled Nov. 30 meeting.

Much of the public criticism of the project was generated by a group called Save Asbury’s Waterfront.  The group advocates for “appropriate development” of the Asbury Park beachfront. 

iStar to meet with Asbury Park after north end boardwalk plan slammed

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