Ford’s mobility service platform will help cities ‘take back’ their streets

Car manufacturers are getting smart, focusing beyond the industry of building cars, and it’s great news!  Ford is acknowledging that there’s a demand for infrastructure for various modes of transportation, and that they need to communicate and work together.

From Marcy Klevorn, Ford Executive Vice President and President, Mobility:

Optimizing at this system level requires the components in the transporttion ecosystem be able to communicate — to speak the same language. That’s where technology like cellular vehicle-to-everything can play an important role. C-V2X capability, which we’re working to validate with our partners at Qualcomm, enables various technologies and applications in a city — vehicles, stoplights, signs, cyclists and pedestrian devices — to speak to to each other and share information.

  • During a keynote speech at CES this week, Ford CEO Jim Hackett announced the automaker will work with Silicon Valley-based Autonomic to develop an open, cloud-based mobility service platform dubbed the “Transportation Mobility Cloud.”
  • The main objective of the cloud is to enable “transportation modes” in cities — including personal vehicles, ride-share services, bike-sharing networks, delivery services, buses and trains — to share information and streamline services more efficiently. The key to this information sharing will be cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology, which will allow “vehicles, stoplights, signs, cyclists and pedestrian devices” to communicate quickly and securely.

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