For Bicyclists: 2 Rules

The automobile driver commenting in this thread isn’t entirely wrong. Roads were indeed built for cars in the 1920s when the auto industry, big oil and asphalt all got into the biz.  However that very truth underscores the need for bicycling and walking advocates to work for redesigning cities’ and suburbs’ streets and roads for EVERYONE.  European cities figured this out a long time ago…for the health of individuals, cities, and the earth, let’s get out on our bikes or take a walk and keep the first tweet in mind: “I’m not a big fan of rules of cyclists, but for those who ride in cities the number one rule is that pedestrians always get the right of way. Number two is do what you need to do to stay safe. After that I’d say there are no more rules worth listing.”

Today on the Internet: So What Are The “Rules” For Urban Cyclists

A single tweet sparks a debate over who we are and what we’re doing. And then drivers ruin it.

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