Empowerment For Girls On Bikes

Asbury Park Complete Streets Coalition would like to see kids on bikes all over the city. Girls may need to be encouraged with a program like this in Newark!

For Some Girls, Empowerment Comes With Two Wheels and a Helmet

By Liz Leyden Aug. 19, 2018

Kala La Fortune Reed, left, taught Kaneisha Marable, 8, to ride a bicycle in Newark as part of a program run by Girls on Bikes, a nonprofit founded by Ms. La Fortune that seeks to increase the number of girls who ride bikes.

“What can happen is a self-perpetuating cycle: If the number of women is much lower than men, if you’re not seeing role models, if you’re not seeing someone who looks like you, cycling is not going to be appealing to you,” she said. “But these kinds of groups, where you have the role models and it’s social and it’s fun, that can change the culture.”

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