Dutch Parking Drama

The Dutch have parking drama too.  Here’s a situation that occurred in a small city which decided to move cars from parking spaces and replace them with “people” spaces.  Remember the beautiful parklet we built and moved around Asbury Park last summer?  Picture more of them…!

Sun terraces and lawns: Dutch residents transform parking spaces

Project in The Hague has divided streets and revealed a deeply-held attachment to cars

“The drama was sparked by the Dutch municipality’s proposal to residents in six streets in Segbroek, a suburb in the west of the city, to voluntarily swap their parking permit for six months and replace it with something green and pleasant on their street.

Their vehicles would be stored in a car park for free, and those participating could choose between themselves how to use the vacant space.

The long-term aim, beyond greening the city, is to encourage people to use car-sharing schemes, if they really need a vehicle, or switch to public transport and bicycles. Globally, most cars are said to be parked 95% of the time.”

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