Should Protected Bike Lanes Be Mandatory?

Asbury Park is on it’s way to becoming a model city with a focus on people  instead of cars. The Plan for Walking and Biking is a comprehensive plan to build infrastructure throughout the city to enable people to get around. We have a perfect grid design in much of the city, and in the rest of the city, even in neighborhoods with narrower diagonal streets, Asbury Park is still better situated to planning and implementing infrastructure for people over cars than most cities.  We’re headed in the right direction thanks to a forward thinking transportation manager, and envisioned in our Bike Walk Master Plan…but can we go even further and implement protected bike lanes all over the city?  We hear often that it’s a marathon, not a sprint in planning and design for a city, but we NEED to acknowledge all over the US that cars are destined to be obsolete, and must be replaced with more environmentally stable mobility options – sooner than later.

Cambridge Becomes First U.S. City to Make Protected Bike Lanes Mandatory

The Boston-area city of Cambridge is poised to become one of the most-progressive safe-biking cities in the country, thanks to the passage of a bill requiring protected bike lanes on all city streets.

The “Cycling Safety Ordinance” requires city streets to be upgraded to include the safest bike paths whenever a roadway is reconstructed. Advocates hope it to secure a 20-mile network of protected bike lanes in five years for the city of 113,000.

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